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www.idolssanews.com is a fan website specifically about Idols South Africa, the website is run by a team of two staff who are very big fans of Idols South Africa since its first season.

It is a website for all fans of Idols South Africa world wide.

About Idols South Africa

For over a decade, the South African version of Idols has been one of the country’s biggest shows, always full of spice, scandal and above all, super singing. The show’s forte is forging superstars from raw talent – and it has managed to do exactly that; consistently launching the boys and girls next door to the top of the pop charts.

From Season 1’s Heinz Winckler, to Musa Sukwene, Elvis Blue, Lloyd Cele, Khaya Mthethwa (all SAMA winners) and last year’s winner Noma Khumalo, many previous Idols champions are carving out lucrative careers for themselves. This year alone, artists like Amanda Black (BET International nominee), Shekinah and Karabo have been blazing a bright path on the international scene.

But the one staple in the Idols arsenal that never seems to relent is the show’s knack for getting people talking. From Randall Abrahams’ famously caustic tongue, Unathi Msengana’s river of tears and Somizi Mhlongo’s effervescent personality and tongue twisting terminology – Idols is always the most watercooler chat-worthy spectacle on television.

Idols Season 13 arrives with plenty of extra flavour on Sunday 09 July and concludes with a spectacular finale in November.

Idols SA is screened exclusively on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) on Sundays at 17:30. It will also be available on DStv Catch Up on your PC, only once the show has aired.

For more information about this show, kindly visit the Official Idols SA website at www.idolssa.tv

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